Tapas Time

Fried calamari pieces with anchovy stuffed olives

Seeing as this is something of a food blog, I thought it about time to write something about the food in Spain. Tapas is a great invention of the Spanish and I think it's right up there with discovering fire or the wheel and stuff. I mean, you go into a bar for a drink and get full-on food. Five drinks and you don't need supper anymore. You are also paralytic, but hey, what I don't do for this blog.

Meat filled empanads with a garlic cabbage salad

There are different versions of how tapas came into being. My aunt and uncle went on a Tapas Trail (another wonderful Spanish invention if you ask me) and were told that it was started by a barkeeper(s) putting a small plate over your drink with a few nuts on it to stop the flies getting in.

Another version says these same barkeepers put a slice of bread over your drink for the same reason and that another then decided to put something on the bread and so it developed in to what it is today.

Yet another version says that the tradition started because of the fact that the Spanish eat very late and so people would stop off at the bar on their way home for a drink and snack before the evening meal.

Chorizo, bread, cheese and olives

They all seem very legit to me. If you've ever been in a Mediterranean country in summer, you'll know that the flies can eat you alive. The late eating is very true too. Most places/shops/businesses close from 2-5pm and then re-open from 5-8pm so by the time you get home, cook and put dinner on the table it's gotta be 9 – 10 o'clock.

Pate with bread and olives

The photos are all of the tapas we had with Peter and Wendles (said Tapas Trail aunty and uncle), and are for 4 people. You get a new plate each time you order a drink and something different each time. There are so many variations of tapas that it would become an encyclopedia if you had to write them all up, but I will do my best...just kidding!

Whatever the reason, we've taken to it like flies to beer...I am too funny. Although I must admit that we start a hell of a lot earlier. We normally have an aperitif and a tapas or two at around 6pm. We sit, have a chat, watch the sun going down towards the horizon – ah, so romantic. I will be showing you what WE have too, so don't go anywhere - I'll be back.

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That's so much fun! TRaveling

That's so much fun! TRaveling through Spain, that's all my husband and I did!

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