'Tis the season of zucchini

One of out zucchini plants
If you don't have a zucchini plant (or 4 or 5) then you neither have the joy nor the desperation of those of us who do. A friend once sent me an email boldly titled:
How to use up your excess zucchini/courgettes/summer squash.
It was about a woman circling a supermarket parking lot very slowly in her car, who, as soon as she spotted an open window, would pull up, jump out and dump her zucchinis into the car before tearing off.

We had friends over for supper last night and 2 of them are known zuke haters and they even asked for seconds of my Zucchini soup. There was enough for more than just seconds as 2 other guests spent their night desperately trying to find our house, but alas, to no avail. I am now wondering if it wasn't just a veiled attempt to avoid eating zucchini...

Zucchini soup

Personally I love zucchinis and we eat them by the dozen. And considering that we have at least 5 plants, we have about a dozen a day. Or at least it feels that way. Zucchini recipes are as valuable as gold to us zuke owners and my latest deevine student Sebastien has asked me for the above-mentioned incredibly deelicious Zucchini/courgettes/summer squash Soup recipe.

The recipe is actually not from my feather, but from our mate, the much-loved Deirdre. We had the most amazing curry extravaganza with Catherine and Steven recently (will tell you all about it soooon) and she and I were arguing about who misses Deirdre the most when she goes away. Fortunately she is here for a couple more months so we can all enjoy her company for a while longer.

I have loads more zuke recipes (imagine that) and these will be posted in due course. Wipe that look of disbelief off your face, thank you very much. I make this deevine Thai stuffed zuke, that is to Thai for – get it, die for? But I keep forgetting to photograph it, so you're gonna have to wait a bit longer. Keep watching this space!

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