Visited by Aliens…looking for pizza

Stefan’s UFO a.k.a. helicopter
Today you will be meeting two wonderful “Aliens”, Anja and Stefan (two great German campervan friends), a wonderful student Capucine (beautiful name for a beautiful girl who we called Cappuccino all week!) and the always wonderful friend, Deirdre, who all came for a Pizza Night on my birthday the 28th of October. Yes, it was yesterday and you are still welcome to send gifts!

It was, however, last years birthday and I was convinced I’d already written about it, but my writing track record is way down (sorry!). Better than late than never is probably going to be on my non-existent gravestone!

We met Anja and Stefan on the internet when we both had the same campervan – ours was called Kermit due to its colour. We have since sold Kermit and are the proud owners of Kermit’s Big Daddy, Alex, but we are fortunate enough to still have Anja and Stefan as friends. It’s Stefan’s model helicopter in the above photo and it looked spectacular flying around in the pitch black.

They also have deevine doggies (Liam and Zora), all rescue doggies, each one sweeter that the next one and Anja and Stefan are saints in how they look after all their needs. Some idiot (there is no other way to say this) poured petrol over Zora and set her alight! She was saved (blind and sick) and Anja and Stefan adopted her and are slowly getting her back to health. Chapeau!
If you can sit on a chair at the table, then so can I says Liam!
Sweet Zora

What’s all this got to do with pizza you ask? Steady on now, you lot!

My Hubby built a pizza oven for us in the garden. He did not just go out and buy one. No siree, he dug the clay in our backyard, designed incredibly difficult domes to create the original Neapolitan style pizza oven and so we produce the most awesome pizzas in our wood fired oven. (Well we think so and so do our buddies, thank you very much!)
The almost completed pizza oven

Anja and Stefan came to visit us in October 2013 & 2014 but alas not this year, boo hoo. Perhaps it had something to do with the Arctic temperatures that were bravely endured by all as we sat around the pizza oven. It takes very brave guests to wrap themselves in blankets and sit outside in the dark in the freezing cold, hoping the pizzas will keep coming!

Capucine is a super French student who stayed with us that week improving her English. She’s wrapped in the pink blanket with Deirdre and Anja cuddled up next to her. Capucine and I were sharing the pink blanky and I just quickly pulled myself away to take a photo. Sorry that it’s not quite focused, must have been the cold!
Capucine, Deirdre and Anja out in te cold!

Capucine and Anja at Mirande Cathedral

There are more lovely photos of Anja and Stefan, the doggies, Joerg and I, but alas due to aliens infesting the computer, it has decided not to work and keep all my photos to itself. These are a few I had saved elsewhere before and some from Anja – thank you Anja! I’ll post more photos once the aliens have been removed from our computer…

Oh yes, and the pizza recipe will follow too. Firstly you get the dough recipe and then when the aliens give back the photos, you’ll get some pizza topping ideas too!

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Hi Chrystal, dieses Jahr hat

Hi Chrystal,
dieses Jahr hat es leider nicht geklappt, aber wir denken so oft an die schönen Urlaube bei euch! Unglaublich, wieviel man lachen kann. :o))) Vielleicht klappt es ja nächstes Jahr wieder.
Auf diesem Weg auch noch herzliche Glückwünsche nachträglich.
Liebe Grüße von Anja, Stephan, Liam und Zora

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