• Burying the end of Winter in Portugal

    The Doll's grave
    We had the fortune of being in the small village (with a big positive attitude) of Laranjeiros on the Portuguese Spanish border on the 4th of March. This day marks the end of the Carnival time and a life-size doll is buried in a grave amidst all kinds of hilarious actions, including using a certain body part as a microphone...need I say more about which part??

  • La Cabane Restaurant, Quarteira, Portugal

    All of us lucky birthday guests
    As I mentioned in my last post, it was Frank's 60th birthday on Valentine's Day and he very kindly invited us, Anja and Micha, and his lovely partner, Conny, for dinner at the La Cabane Restaurant. I think it's super to have your birthday on such a special day – everyone is in love and happy and the restaurants put on special menus just for you...

  • Frank's Birthday

    Today's recipe: Birthday platters
    Frank and Conny's legs
    I love birthdays. Anybody’s, everybody’s and especially mine – no need for false modesty I say. Bring on the party! Bring on the presents! Let's have some fun! And so what could be better than a birthday while underway in Portugal – yippee!

  • Bola Bolacha / Marie Biscuit Cake

    Bola Bolacha dessert
    Bola Bolacha / Marie Biscuit Cake

  • Garragem Restaurant in Monte Gordo, Portugal

    Dorade with baked garlic
    We'd actually decided to eat at O Tapas, but alas (or maybe thankfully), O Tapas is closed on a Monday so lunch with Ronaldo was out of the question. (See post http://www.acookonthefunnyside.com/content/lunch-ronaldo ) Just as an aside, did you see that he scored 2 of the 6 goals his team got at the weekend? Me either, but Anja told me and I wanted to look smart. And no, I don't know what team he plays for...