• St. Petersburg Football Team visits (me in) Portugal

    Who is this Russian player?
    I finally realised today that I’m getting old. I know what you’re thinking, only today? Allow me to explain. I noticed that the local restaurant was preparing for a big event and I noticed lots of young men arriving at around half twelve, one o’clock. But instead of rushing over and stalking them, I decided to stay sitting in my sun lounger, read my book and let The Husband bring me coffee. Groan.

  • Perfect Place to Park in Portugal

    Rio Guadian between Spain and Portugal
    Now this is what I call living the good life. We love the area along the Guadiana River which forms the border between Spain and Portugal. We found this beautiful spot quite by accident and are in awe of the beauty that surrounds us.

  • Passion for Pancakes

    Lena’s deevine pancakes
    Passion is definitely the theme for January so I decided to share another passion, this time one of The Husband’s Passions. Joerg loves pancakes (me too!) and Lena’s pancakes are positively fabulous. I make a mean Apple Pancake (Lynn my American mate can vouch for this), but these are deevine too.

  • Chorizo, Butternut and Pearl Barley Recipe

    Chorizo, butternut and pearl barley
    I saw this recipe from Rachel Allen in the Sunday Times Magazine and have adapted it to suit us. Her original version is no doubt super, but I wanted a one-pot meal. She roasts the butternut in the oven first, something that is always good, so give it a try that way too.

  • Cooking chorizo the Portuguese way

    Cooking chorizo in alcohol
    Now that’s what I call cooking. You take a heat resistant baking dish, pour in some local schnapps, set it alight, put in your cured chorizo sausage which you keep lifting with your fork and voila, you have dinner! I ain’t seen nothing like this before.

  • Passion for Portugal

    Laranjeiras mountains
    I love Portugal! J’aime Portugal! Ich liebe Portugal! The incredible blue skies, the never ending sandy beaches, the deevine food and last, but certainly not least, the amazing Portuguese people. We’ve arrived once again at our second home, Portugal and are thrilled to be here.

  • Happy New Year!

    May 2016 bring all the joy and happiness you do or don’t deserve! What would a New Year be without New Years Resolutions and I have no intention of changing this (useless) tradition. So I aspire to write many, many posts this year…don’t hold your breath, it could be dangerous! No, no, that’s not getting into the New Years spirit! I WILL WRITE. Now that’s more like it.